Fine Art By David O'Reilly
    Black & White & Color

If you don’t live in a perfect world, create one.

One of my early memories is seeing a bright early morning orange sky. For my sixth birthday I got a paint set and painted a picture with an orange sky. When I brought it to school to show my teacher, I was informed that skies were always blue not orange. That’s when I decided produce my art my way. When I was a teenager I started sketching things that caught my eye. I experimented with painting but never stayed with it long enough to become good. My father encouraged me to pursue photography and for many years I expressed my art through this medium. However, this too had its frustrations. I have found many scenes that were ninety percent perfect but I could never find the perfect scene. Finally I started painting and resolved to stay with it long enough to develop the skills necessary to use it to express my art. As you will see, I like Texture, pastel colors, rustic scenes and quiet places. Even after all these years, I also still like the bright colors, soft light and sharp contrast of the early morning when the sky is orange, red, yellow, pink, purple and blue.

In addition to my work as an artist, I do websites for Rock’n Roll legend, Jay Black formally of Jay and The Americans and former Grateful Dead Member and Rock’n Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee, Donna Jean Godchaux.

Copyright 2012 David O'Reilly